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The Law Office of Kathryn Hall is dedicated to providing compassionate and affordable legal services to disabled individuals.

This website contains general information about the firm and its practice areas. If you have questions, you can contact this office to arrange a free consultation by calling toll-free at (888) 456-5928, or by sending an e-mail using the form below. 


If your application for Social Security Disability or SSI benefits has been denied, don't give up! Many disability claimants who file an appeal and go to a hearing are approved for benefits.

Why should you hire an attorney to handle your case?

A U.S. General Accounting Office study has found that the odds of winning benefits for a claimant who has an attorney are up to 3.3 times higher than for an unrepresented claimant. Plus, you pay no attorneys' fees unless you win your case, although you may be liable for some costs depending on your fee agreement with your attorney.

How can the Law Office of Kathryn Hall help you with your case?

The Law Office of Kathryn Hall has experience representing disabled persons before the Social Security Administration and in federal court, and that experience can work for you. First, the firm will provide a free initial consultation regarding your case. In addition, the firm can help you:

  • Analyze how Social Security disability rules apply to your case;
  • Gather the medical evidence needed to support your disability claim;
  • Prepare you for hearings before the Administrative Law Judge;
  • Call witnesses to testify on your behalf;
  • Cross-examine witnesses that Social Security may call in your case;
  • Argue your case to the Administrative Law Judge; and
  • Appeal your case to federal court, if agreed to and appropriate.

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